Is Wise a real bank?

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Is Wise a real bank?
Does Wise count as a bank? Like we mentioned before, Wise isn’t a bank — but a Money Services provider. So, while banks offer a large array of services, such as loans, savings and interest accounts, Wise specializes in holding and converting foreign currencies, and sending international bank transfers.
How trustworthy is Wise?
If you’re considering using Wise for a payment or to hold a balance, it’s natural to wonder if it’s a legit service. The good news is that Wise is safe to use, whether you want to send or receive a payment, spend internationally, convert currencies or hold a balance.

What countries/regions can I send to?
Here’s a list of the countries/regions you can send money to with Wise. Choose the one you’re interested in to get more information, including what types of transfers you can send, and whether you can send business transfers.

Argentina Australia Bangladesh Brazil
Bulgaria Canada Chile China
Colombia Costa Rica Czech Republic
Denmark Egypt Europe Georgia
Guatemala Ghana Hong Kong Hungary
Indonesia Israel Japan Kenya
Malaysia Mexico Morocco Nepal
New Zealand Norway Pakistan Philippines
Poland Romania Singapore South Africa
South Korea Sri Lanka Sweden Switzerland and Liechtenstein
Tanzania Thailand Turkey Uganda
Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States of America
Uruguay Vietnam Zambia

Is Wise like PayPal?

While PayPal is widely accepted online, Wise specializes in currency exchange. Both platforms enable you to send money to multiple countries, offering a variety of payment options.