What does BigScoots do?

What does BigScoots do?
Everything we do here at BigScoots is fully managed, and that includes our shared web hosting. We will handle migrations, installations, offer expert recommendations, fix broken plugins, set up emails and SSLs while also ensuring your websites are totally optimized and running smoothly.
Who is the CEO of BigScoots?
Scott Stapley, BigScoots’ Co-Founder and CEO noted, “Since we founded BigScoots more than 13 years ago, our mission has always been clear – to provide innovative, industry leading, fully managed hosting solutions that consistently exceed our clients’ expectations.
How do I cancel BigScoots?
This can be done by requesting a cancellation within your BigScoots portal, or by submitting a ticket requesting a cancellation or emailing support@bigscoots.com requesting a cancellation.